Things to know before you go on a hike…

* The letters C.O.C. stands for Centennial Outdoor Centre. It is on St. George Blvd. past the main entrance to Centennial Park.

* Dogs are welcome, but they must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet at all times.

* If you plan to meet the group at the second meeting place, it is important that you let the leader know with an e-mail or call them.  On a rare occasion very few or no hikers show up at the first meeting place and the leader may then decide to cancel the hike.  E-mail addresses are in the Membership List on the web site.

* Unless otherwise stated, always bring a lunch and water (at least one liter) to the events.

* Remember, the price of gas is high and many members are leasing their cars where mileage is important. People should take turns driving & those without vehicles or who don’t wish to drive should contribute a reasonable amount towards the price of the trip.

* Important Notice – Talk Mail has been discontinued.  More members are using other telephone service providers and are unable to receive the Talk Mail messages. If you don’t have access to our web site on the Internet, please contact the hike leader before the event.

* The “Guest Book” page on our website (Link) allows leaders to convey any last minute
changes that might need to be made to our weekly hikes. It can also be used by members to invite others to join them in activities not found in the newsletter.