Things to know before you go on a hike…

*Car pooling: as of May 27th 2020 persons within the same bubble of family & friends can travel together in a car without needing to maintain a 2 meter distance. If you are not part of the bubble face masks are required.

* Dogs are allowed on hikes, but must be on a leash not more than 6’ long.

* If you plan to meet the group at the second meeting place, it is important that you let the leader know with an e-mail or call them.  On a rare occasion very few or no hikers show up at the first meeting place and the leader may then decide to cancel the hike.  E-mail addresses are in the Membership List on the web site.

* Unless otherwise stated, always bring a lunch and water (at least one liter per 6-8 km).

* Remember, the price of gas is high and many members are leasing their cars where mileage is important. People should take turns driving & those without vehicles or who don’t wish to drive should contribute towards the price of the trip. Please refer to the “Car-Pool Chart” under MOE Documents on the club website.

* Thank you to all members that are helping to keep the trails clean by picking up litter during our hikes. Your contribution is much appreciated!