Planning an Event

If you would like to lead an event here are a few things to think about:

1) Its all about the details – when submitting an event we need a few details:
– The date and day of the week (Saturday or Sunday)
– Details about the event; location, length, difficulty, a special events before/during or after the event (like a pancake supper or a visit to a museum)
– Meeting time and place; we usually meet at the COC and car pool to the trail head. Sometimes there is a second meeting place and time before the trail head.  Make sure you ask, in the description, anyone meeting you at the second meeting place to let you know in case there is a change in plans…
– Your name and a phone number so participants can reach you for questions before the event.

2) Know your event – be aware of outside influences like:
– Back country road conditions, trail head parking
– Tides, especially in the Bay of Fundy Link
– Hunting season (Spring and Fall)
– Trail conditions, river crossings
– Permission from land owners if on private property

3) As a general rule we like to have an moderate to easy hike on Sunday, closer to Moncton (~ 1 hour drive).

4) If planning a weekend event and there will be camping, group camp sites are preferred.