Yurting in Fundy Park… Dave & Ruthmary

A few weeks ago Ruthmary and I took a couple of days off from work to go skiing and snowshoeing in Fundy Park. We posted a note on the website letting people know we would be skiing on Wednesday.

Since I was interested in trying out one of the yurts, I booked one and we headed to the park.

The drive was a bit slower than usual, the snow was blowing heavy across the road.  The weather cleared in the afternoon, and the temperature started to drop a bit.

We arrived early in the afternoon, and checked in at HQ.  Pat, the manager of the yurts was there to greet us.  We were curious on how they were being received, and Pat told use they were booked solid on the weekends, and had several week days already taken. Pat also said they were planning to set up three more yurts for the summer, that would make five in the park.

They are located in the HQ campground, just behind the main office.  If you look up the hill just after passing the main park entrance from Alma, you can see both of them over looking the bay.  They are located close the the stairs that lead from the campground to the town of Alma.  Here are a few pictures of the inside (I didn’t get a good one of the outside).

As you can see in the pictures, we unloaded the car and relaxed for a few minutes.  The temperature in the yurt is controlled by a thermostat and a propane stove, and was a comfortable 65 F.  After reviewing the instructions, we decided to go snowshoeing in the campground and on the near by trail before supper.

Things to know about the yurts… you can eat in them, but you can’t cook in them.  The two yurts share a common insulated cook shelter next door with a wood stove.  There is also a heated washrooms with showers and a laundry room with running hot water.  The washrooms are located about a minute away.  The lighting in the yurts and cook shelter and solar powered, bright enough to see, but you needed to be careful not to leave them on too long.

The windows over look the bay, and you can see the sunrise on the morning.. what a great view.  This picture was taken from inside the yurt.

At supper Tuesday evening we meet a couple from Riverview who were staying in the other yurt.  After supper and sitting around the stove for a while we went back to the yurt, where we found out we had made a mistake…  the guide suggest turning off the heat when you are away, since the stove can heat up the yurt quickly… I don’t think the authors were thinking about the middle of winter and temperatures near minus 25 with the wind chill.  It did heat up eventually… lol.

On Wednesday Irene and Don joined us for a ski in Chignecto South… let me just say the beginners trail, and most of the others end up going down a breath taking, rocket run of a hill.  After surviving the hill, I had to take a break and eat a cookie, thinking I need to take some lessons on how to brake going down a hill and who knows how fast.  While collecting my thoughts, a couple of mothers with their 4-5 year old children joined us after coming down the hill… laughing.

Afterwords, Ruthmary and I went skiing on the Point Wolf road into Dickson Falls, we brought our snowshoes with us, and went in to see the falls. These are a few pictures from the trip.  And in case your wondering, I snowshoed down the hill back to the car, while Ruthmary skied down  the hill a couple of times…