Long Weekend along the Minas Basin…

A few of Gloria’s pictures from the long weekend camping trip.  We had great weather and a chance to explore the coastal trails and communities along the Minas Basin.  The first day we hiked at Thomas Cove and met a couple fishing for striped bass (the big one got away…).

The second day we did a “quick” hike on the Devil’s Bend trail and a guided tour of the park.  We also bought some tasty local strawberries at one of the local markets.

The third day was the Not since Moses hike/run.  Our own Jean and Cherry participated and Paul and Gloria were volunteers.  The rest of us were hiking in the are watching the participants make their way across the tidal flats… what a sight in the mid morning light.

We then drove to Cape Chignecto and explored the Eatonville extension.  They had just finished a new trail to the beach.