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Monday, November 14, 2016

Come admire the “Supersized Supermoon”.  Walk on the riverfront tonight.  Meet Irving (across from Champlain Place) at 6:30 pm.  2 to 2 1/2 hrs walk.  Contact:  Elizabeth 383-1853.


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  1. Marilyn LeBlanc says:

    There are some changes for the weekend of Aug. 18-20. The group campground is not available this summer. Individual sites are all booked for this weekend.
    Merlin’s hike on the 19th is the same as scheduled. Merlin’s no. is 1-902-667-8224.
    It’s the Rising Tide Festival and music all weekend.
    On Sunday Aug. 19 we will hike in Irishtown Park at 10:00. Contact Ralph at 386-6579.

  2. Raymond says:

    Google Earth – I’m wondering if anyone is interested in a basic workshop to create custom maps.
    There would be many other discussion points. A GPS is not required to enhance your skills with maps. Optionally we could incorporate an Overlay from an image to develop Tracks and Waypoints that can be shareable via email or print. We could use a local trail as an example. If there is interest we could additionally import this map into a GPS software like Garmin’s Basecamp (Canadian Maps) and further fine tune it. Perhaps you have an old land survey map with obsolete ATS coordinates that you which to update or maybe you’re planning a new expedition. A Google Earth signon would be handy if you wish to continue saving your entries. We can help get you started from scratch. Sobeys – Vaughan Harvery has a meeting room and WiFi where we could get together for around an hour or more. Contact or Cell: 380-5536

  3. MaryEllen Gaudet says:

    Adjusted plans re: camping trip May long wknd : Camping trip combined with Merlin’s hike, long weekend, Blomidon Provincial Park and Cape Split: I will be planning a camping trip on May long wknd, 20,21,22 in which May 20th the hike is Merlin’s hike (Earltown area) as on the schedule then driving to Blomidon Provincial park that day for 2 days to hike one or two trails in Blomidon then Cape Split hike on the 22nd. Please let me know by May 15th if you are interested so I can book the group camping site in Blomidon for 20,21 and 22. How wonderful to be able to blend in Merlin’s
    hike on route to Blomidon P.Park! Gratefully, MaryEllen. 902 886-3046

  4. MaryEllen Gaudet says:

    2017 May long weekend, Camping trip, May 20,21,22. Leading a camping trip to
    Blomindon Provincial Park and Cape Split. 3 hiking trail opportunities. Please let me know
    if people are interested by May 15th to arrange camping. Gratefully, MaryEllen

  5. Gerry Dawson says:

    The hike this Saturday the 15th has been changed because the Point Wolfe road is not yet open. I have been tasked to come up with an alternate hike on a day that is predicted to be sunny and 15 degrees. I propose to hike up Shepody Mountain starting at a point not too far past the Hopewell Rocks. We have not gone up this way in some time. It is not too daunting a climb and the sightlines can be exquisite on a sunny day. I will try and hike all or part of it beforehand if I have time to check out the conditions.
    Meet time is 10:00 at COC. or the Hopewell Rocks lower site at 10:45 to 10:55. Call Paul at 852-6080 or 381-0397

  6. MaryEllen Gaudet says:

    Gros Morne club trip: Would anyone have vehicle space for one person
    that would share travel expenses? MaryEllen is looking for help 🙂

  7. Paul Gaudet says:

    Revised to match Outdoor Enthusiast facebook posting on Sunday’s hike meet time at 12:00 noon at COC or 12:45 at Old Bank Museum in Riverside/Albert.

  8. Paul Gaudet says:

    Hike on Sunday January 8th. A piece of RedHead has tumbled to the ground so I want to visit. Meet time 12:30 (tides) at COC or Old Bank Museum in Riverside/Albert at 1:15. Easy hike on Dennis Beach to Waterside return. no need for ‘shoes”.
    Paul 852-6080

  9. Marilyn Leblanc says:

    Just got word that the photographers have had to cancel our film shoot for Wed, Nov 9th at centennial Park. They will reschedule and I will let you know. So sorry.

  10. Marilyn Leblanc says:

    I received a call from Flora Dell, an ambassador for all things “senior” in the Moncton area. A promotional video is being made to encourage walking, hiking, etc. So they are looking for some of our group to meet at Centennial Park on Wed.,Nov. 9th from 12 to 1pm to help with this film. She is looking for 6 -10 people.please let me know if you can make it . Marilyn 386-6579

  11. The hike of Sussex Bluffs is November 5th and not November 7th.

  12. Saturday, November 19 – Hike along the Quiedy River and visit 4 Waterfalls. Moderate to plus. 8 to 9 km. May do another Waterfall off Parlee Road. Meet at C.O.C. at 9 AM. If you want to meet somewhere else, call Bill. Contact Bill Mayo at 854-4437.

  13. Geoffrey L. says:

    Sharing the group photo from Mount Carleton, for those who don’t have facebook.

  14. Last weekend I heard someone say there was a group from Fredericton going to Mt Katahdin this coming weekend (Sept. 17&18). Anyone have any contact information for that group? My daughter is interested. Thanks a lot.

  15. Marilyn LeBlanc says:


  16. Kathy Hunter says:

    For today’s hike on the Dobson trail bring ice grippers!

  17. mgjscdhl says:

    Any plans for (Sat) Jan 30th?

  18. mgjscdhl says:

    Are there any hikes planned for the weekend of the 2/3rd, or 9/10th?

  19. Maureen Wallace says:

    So glad you achieved your “quorum”.

  20. Maureen Wallace says:

    Sounds like a great hike, Paul. I could do it on Sunday, Nov. 1, but not on Saturday.

  21. Raymond says:

    I can’t lead the bike ride tomorrow Monday Oct 12, in Sussex, sorry. Perhaps someone else is willing to take over. I’ve become on call at work.

    I have a detailed map of the meeting location and the route that I can send to anyone interested.

  22. Marilyn LeBlanc says:

    Annual General Meeting, Sunday, Oct 4th at Ducks Unlimited in Aulac. We will do a short hike at 11:00 followed by lunch at 12:30, then the meeting. Drive to the Big Stop in Aulac and continue on
    the marsh road, turn right when you see the lone white house in the distance. Special guests will be Edward and Darlene O’Reilly For more info call Marilyn at 386-6579.

  23. Jean says:

    A friend & I are going to Mahone Bay with PT Tours on Oct.3 Website is .The owners Phyllis and Terry LeBlanc telephoned tonight to say they still have quite a few seats left if anyone is interested. Check out their website. Cost is $55. Call them at (506)758-9792

  24. Hi,
    I am not a member of the club yet, but I am an outdoor enthusiast living in Memramcook with my family since a couple of years. I am from Québec, but lived in Norway and Nunavut in the last few years. I am using the Guest book of your club to see whether some of you would know of an outdoor enthusiast interested in babysitting my 5-year old son when his after-school is closed or sometimes during week-ends. My son is also an outdoor enthusiast and it is sometimes hard to find babysitters that like to go outdoor and enjoy whatever the weather has to offer. He is fully equipped for different weathers (from cold to hot, from dry to wet), dynamic, sociable and fun to be with.
    If ever you know of someone that would be interested, thanks getting in touch with me: ( or 506-227-1878).

  25. Paula McLaughlin says:

    Hi Paul. Holly tells me you need You need a volunteer Sunday for the Moses run. I am free. I tried to call you at 872-6080 but the number was disconnected. Call me at 506-650-9002. Or email me 🙂

  26. Jean Newcomb says:

    Is anyone interested in camping and hiking on Grand Manan Island? I am crossing on the 5:30 PM ferry on Sat, Aug 1. I will be hiking Sunday, Monday and Tues and returning home on Wed. Staying at Anchorage Prov. Park. Basis camp sites are $25 ($22 senior rate). I think 2 tents are allowed per site. My phone number and e-mail address are both on the membership list. Or you can just show up there.

  27. Kathy says:

    I’ll be in the flatlands that weekend, but I’d love to help, so please keep me in mind for next year.

  28. mjch gsdl says:

    is there an event planned for sat the 18th, or a hike on 19th for those who don’t have a bike?

  29. freeballer says:

    are there any events planned for sat 18th, or a hike on the 19th (for those who don’t have a bike)?

    • Raymond says:

      I’m guessing that due to the colder weather, the bike ride could potentially be cancelled as it is getting later in the season. I haven’t hiked the Marven Lake trail in Fundy National Park yet this year. It is a 16kms return trip and is uphill-difficult for the 1st km. A lengthy hike for sure and an early start would be required. There should be more ideas out there. Chow 4 Now.


  30. mjch gsdl says:

    can I bring the membership form/fee to a hike, or do I need to mail them?

    • D K says:

      You may bring them to a hike. If a member of the executive is there they can collect them for you. Mailing them is also a good option.

  31. Ralph LeBlanc says:

    It is approximately one month before we are going to beautiful Cape Breton National Park for camping and hiking. We have been there many times and always enjoyed it. If you are going please call Ralph at 386-6579 so we will have a number or if you have any questions

  32. Ralph LeBlanc says:

    It is approximately one month before we are going to beautiful Cape Breton National Park for camping and hiking. We have been there many times and always enjoyed it. If you are going please call Ralph at 386-6579 so we will have a number or if you have any questions.

  33. Ralph LeBlanc says:

    There is a change for Sat. May 30. The original hike was to Marven Lake. We are now going to start at Chignecto South, do a couple of different trails and end up at headquarters. 11 kms. Moderate.
    Ralph LeBlanc

  34. Ralph LeBlanc says:

    Sunday, May 17th- We will still be hiking on Shepody Mtn. but will be doing a much easier route.
    Moderate 8-10k. Meeting time 9:30am at C.O.C. For more info call Marilyn 386-6579

  35. Kathy Hunter says:

    Saturday’s trail cleanup is postponed due to trail conditions. Instead we are having a beach hike from Denis Beach to Waterside. We will meet and head out later than usual so bring a supper instead of lunch! Hike is easy to moderate and the weather promises to be springlike.
    Meet COC at 1:30 or Bank in Riverside Albert at 2:15-2:30.
    Call Paul if using second meeting place. 381-0397

  36. jeanguyl1962 says:

    Ok then ! Thanks for clearing that up for me…

  37. jeanguyl1962 says:

    Hi ! Tell me is it tomorow or Saturday ? Just want to now for sure please and thank you 🙂

  38. jeanguyl1962 says:

    Thanks D K
    We’ll do. I think you guys have something going on for Saturday… I’ll be there

  39. jean guy lamarche says:

    Hi there!
    Love the outdoors and looking for new adventure with people who know the area… I am bilingual and love snow shoeing… so let me know if ever there is a spot for me please…

    • Kathy says:

      Snowshoe tomorrow! Come along. Meeting at COC at 11.

      • Maureen Wallace says:

        Tomorrow is Friday, 20th. I am thinking you mean Saturday, March 21st. Meet at COC at 1100.

      • Maureen Wallace says:

        Are there snowshoeing outings in Hillsborough both on Friday, March 20 and Saturday, March 21?

      • D K says:

        Yes, two events in Hillsborough, one on Friday and the other on Saturday. Kathy is leading Friday’s event and Cheryl is leading Saturday’s event.

      • D K says:

        Correction there is one event on Saturday… Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    • D K says:

      Hi Jean Guy,
      We also love the outdoors and we definitely have a spot for you… You can try out a few hikes before joining. Just be sure to watch the site for updates and I suggest contacting the event leader before you first outing.

      If you have any questions drop me a line at yukon_big_dave”at”

  40. mjch gsdl says:

    I see a few empty slots in the up coming events.. any chance of a hike to midland ice caves?

  41. Ralph LeBlanc says:

    Final changes for this weekend. Saturday’s hike in Curryville/Memel Rd has been cancelled. So Saturday, February 28th will be Paul’s snowshoe event to Herring Cove (instead of Sunday, all other details the same). COC at 9:30 am or Park Headquarters at 10:45 am. Paul 381-0397
    Sunday March 1st an easy 2 hr snowshoeing on the Halls Creek Trails. Meet at COC at 12:30pm or Crowley Farm Rd at 12:45. Marilyn & Ralph 386-6579

  42. Sarah says:

    Hey all! Wondering if you’ve heard of ? It’s free to advertise community events there…

  43. Ralph LeBlanc says:

    We will be planning our summer camping trip at an upcoming executive meeting and we want to hear from you. Where would you like to go and are you able to help with the planning. Please send your ideas by Jan 22nd. Thanks, Marilyn

  44. Nicole Grenier says:

    Bonjour Paul,
    Juste te laisser savoir que le club de ski de fond de Grande-Digue est officiellement ouvert.
    Nouveau site WEB est :


  45. Maureen Wallace says:

    Someone must have mistakenly picked up my black North Face gloves at Tim Hortons in Riverview today. Just let me know if you have them; they’re my favs.

  46. Ralph LeBlanc says:

    The hike on Saturday in Fundy Park will be starting from headquarters, up the Point Wolf Road to Hasting Road a short way down the 114 to the group camp ground. Through the camp ground to the White Tail trail. Down the White Tail back to headquarters. No real steep hills, so I consider it a moderate hike. Between 10 to 12 kms. Call me at 386-6579 for inquiries.

    • Isabelle Richard says:

      Hi Ralph, I just wanted to say thank you to you and the group for letting me tag along for my first winter hike. I loved every moment of it and hopefully I will see you on another one very soon. Merci beaucoup!

    • Diane LeBlanc says:

      Sounds like fun! Please add me to your list… I’d like to join you next time.

      • Dave says:

        Hi Diane,

        Looking to sign up… no problem. You just need to enter your email address on the right side of the page under “Email Subscription” and push the “Sign me up!” button. Its that easy… you will start getting updates for our hikes emailed to you.

        We also have Face Book group, link is on the right side of the page.

        If you try out a few hikes and would like to become a member there is a Membership Form also on the right side of the page. Membership fees are $25 for an individual and $30 for a family.

        Hope to see you on the trail…


  47. Ralph LeBlanc says:

    Saturday, Jan 3 Ralph will be leading a hike in Fundy Park. Moderate 10 kms. Meet at COC at 10:00 or Fundy Park HQ at 11:15.

    • mgjscdhl says:

      which trail will it be?

    • Nicole says:

      Salut Ralph, concernant le hiking de samedi le 3 janvier, je serais intéressé.
      Toi, je ne sais pas si tu parles français ou peux-tu me donner un contact
      d’une personne francophone, j’aimerais faire du covoiturage en partageant
      les frais. Le COC, c’est où exactement !

      • D K says:

        Salut Nicole, Nous Covoiturage de le COC au parc Fundy. L’emplacement est spectacle dans le lien ci-dessous. Il ya généralement plusieurs randonneurs bilingues à nos événements. Dave

        Hi Nicole, We carpool from the COC to Fundy Park. The location is show in the link below. There are usually several bilingual hikers at our events. Dave

  48. mgjscdhl says:

    looks interesting.. how far would we hike (km there and back), and are there many steep hills?

  49. Sandra says:

    Hi Paul

    Yes Meagan and I would be interested in this hike on Sunday.


  50. Raymond says:

    Great hike, love the Apple River area too. Wondering what time would would be back home, ball park?

  51. Geoff says:

    how would you describe the hike? (strenuous, moderate, easy)


  52. Nicole says:

    Pour information: Je me cherche un club pour pouvoir faire des activités en groupe.
    J’aime la randonnée, le kayak, le ski de fond, la raquette et le vélo. Je demeure vers Shediac.
    Malheureusement, je ne parle pas vraiment anglais. Est-ce que vous acceptez des francophones
    dans votre club !

  53. Alex Russell says:

    Details for this weekend’s trip to Kouchibouguac:

    Unfortunately, as we won’t be able to catch high tide, we won’t be making it out to the seal colony in the canoes/kayaks. We will instead do a 4 hour trip around the lagoon and up the river. Prices for rentals (for 4 hours) are as follows:

    Canoe – $35

    Single kayak – $40

    Double kayak – $50

    I’ll be calling on Friday to make a reservation for the boats, so please let me know if you’re planning on coming and what type of vessel you’d like (I can pair people up in the canoes/double kayaks if you’d like one of those but aren’t coming with anyone – just let me know).

    I’m also happy to arrange an evening hike and/or camping for the night if there is interest in that. I’m not sure if there are any group sites available but there’s certainly lots of regular sites. So let me know if you are interested in that within the next few days too (519 400 3011 or by email).

  54. Jean Newcomb says:

    Owner of poles found. I will drop them off to you. Thanks Paul.

  55. Jean Newcomb says:

    Someone left their hiking poles behind on Saturday in Hebron. I have them at my place. Please call me at 882-1100 and I will arrange to get them to Moncton for you. Thanks. Jean N.

    • Maureen Wallace says:

      Elizabeth had kindly loaned me her spare set of poles. She wasn’t around when we were leaving so I propped them up against the car I thought she had travelled in. These might be the wayward poles. Do you have a phone # for Elizabeth, by any chance?

  56. Marilyn/Ralph says:

    Are you coming to Grand Manan with us? Some of us have reserved a place on the 11:30am ferry, July 5th, one way only. We’ll book the return later on. Call us for any information. Marilyn&Ralph

  57. Marilyn/Ralph says:

    Change of plans for Sat,May 3rd. Instead of Dennis Beach we will walk on the Trans Canada Trail from the covered bridge to the Riverside School and return. Easy 10k, will adjust distance if necessary..Meet at COC at 10am, carpool to Marilyn&Ralph’s, 3 Fairfield Rd. phone 386-6579

  58. Ralph LeBlanc says:

    Saturday, July 27th. Hike from the Riverside-Albert School to the end of the trail in the Shepody area. Easy 10k or so. meet at COC at 10am. Phone Ralph or Marilyn 386-6579

  59. Meg says:

    Edward, Congratulations on yet another one of your successful outings! You certainly have a “knack” for doing this! The cycle and hike adventure was a lovely idea!
    Lovely photo’s as usual. The club is very fortunate to have you as a member!

  60. Sandy says:

    Thank you for the info, Edward. Lots of places to explore.

  61. Sandy says:

    The photos of Dennis Beach are terrific. I would like to go there with my dogs. Google has supplied me with lots of information about Dennis Beach, Maine. Are these photos from Maine?

  62. Meg says:

    Looks like the week long trips in the center of the Gaspe are going to be FAB!
    Dave and Ray, thanks for contributing to the planning and maps….wish I could come….Totally enjoy my beautiful province and keep smil’in 🙂 Safe travels, Meg

  63. Meg says:

    Here is a bit on the Gaspereau River Hike:
    Uploaded on Dec 28, 2009

    A June 2009 hike along the upper reaches of the Gaspereau River, Kings Co, Nova Scotia. Entering at Little River Falls, we made our way downstream, criss-crossing the river several times and trailblazing most of the way for 8 hours, until we reached Deep Hollow Bridge in White Rock. After the big hike, a few of us went to Three Pools for a swim and a bit of tombstoning.
    Thank you Dave for organizing this trip.

  64. Joyce MacLeod says:

    Hi Outdoor Enthusiasts!
    Used to be a member for many years, but moved west in 2006. Thinking of you and decided to check out your website to see what is new. Good website – I am impressed. Nice pics!! Lots of activities as always. Everyone is still lovin’ and enjoying every minute outdoors!! Wonderful!! Hugs from Alberta, Joyce

    • Jean Newcomb says:

      Hi Joyce, Great to hear form you. The other Jean’s often tells me of your wonderful travels. Have a great summer and if you are ever home, join us for a hike. Jean Newcomb

  65. Kathy says:

    And they said you were just another pretty face…….
    Great work on behalf of the group. Thanks Paul.

  66. D K says:

    For this summers trip I have booked 5 bunks at the Le Harfang rustic cabin (maximum 8 persons) $174 each. There are 5 or 6 cabins like this and they are located next to the campground. The cabin has 8 bunks with curtains, electricity but no running water, a wood stove, two indoor tables, located near the washrooms (bring your quarters for the showers). If you want to book at this cabin, call (514) 873-9899.

  67. Kathy Hunter says:

    Hi Enthusiasts! You can tell I am still alive by following the CHAT to the Future on Facebook! Africa rocks!l

  68. Jean Newcomb says:

    The Oct. 28, 2012 minutes of the Outdoor Enthusiasts! annual meeting said the executive were working on suggested amounts to contribute towards the costs of the driver on outings, and that they would be posted on our website. Where are they posted? I would like to know how much to contribute and also how much to accept if I am driving. (I do not want to underpay or to accept too much.) Thank you.

  69. Meg says:

    Looks like a wonderful time on Edwards Feb 16, 2013, Fundy hike. Great pics Edward! I like the one with the hill and water view and the colours…beautiful! Meg 🙂

  70. Ruth Collins says:

    Hi All…been checking out your website and was wondering if it would be possible to tag along on one of your outtings before joining the club? Thanks – Ruth

    • Yes, that’s an excellent idea. However,you may want to call the Leader of the hike (phone number is included in event listing) prior to the outing for further details.
      Regards, Edward.

  71. Meg says:

    Hi Dave, yes your eagle pics are awesome! Marvelous job and thanks for sharing…FAB pics! Glad you all enjoyed your outing….perfect day! Sincerely, Meg

  72. Meg says:

    Oops..I meant SUNRISE not sunset…. 🙂 Meg

  73. Meg says:

    Edward. Awesome pics on Friar’s Nose catching the sunset….your photography continues to impress. Totally Fab..very special moments indeed.

  74. Kim Crossman says:

    Awwww! Just catching up on some of the news. I’m so sorry to see you had to leave the group but I also know how you wanted to sell your place in Advocate so “Good for you Les!” You will certainly be missed. I have a friend who just moved to Penticton, BC and I hear it is a wonderful place to be. Good luck to you and hopefully you will get yourself back here again and get out with the crew. Take care,
    Kim Crossman & Karen of course.

  75. Leslie Grice says:

    I’m in Toronto right now visiting relatives, having found buyers for the house in Advocate. In the next week I’ll head to Penticton BC.
    I’m contemplating a hike in Northern BC next summer, probably the Wokkpash. This is a minimum 5 day hike, probably longer, and not for the faint of heart (it can snow any month of the year). It would involve locals so you would be with experienced Northerners, and you would be advised of appropriate gear etc. Let me know if interested.
    My google email address is always open, and my cell phone number is 506-435-2810.
    Les Grice

  76. CR Cox says:

    The problem with the Guest book is that there seems to be no reply. Could someone poke Merlin ?

  77. Naomi says:

    Just came across this website and it looks like you guys have some great hikes and events planned. I am a student over in Sackville and was wondering if there is ever a chance of drivers picking up an extra body en route? I would love to get out hiking if new members are welcome.

  78. John C says:

    Is there an outing planned for any of the days this Labour Day weekend?

  79. Jennifer says:

    Good afternoon! I am back in NB this summer visiting family in the Moncton area for the next while and I would just love to take part in some hiking! Although my roots are in NB it is not a place that I’ve explored much of, and that must be amended. Is there a way for a visitor could take part in some of your hiking activities? My name is Jennifer, thanks for your time! Have a fantastic day everyone. 🙂

  80. Jean Newcomb says:

    One more of hiking in the Swiss Alps. Everyone have a great week of camping in Cape Breton. See you soon. Jean

  81. D K says:

    Enjoy the Long Weekend…

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