Mapleton 8 Summary

Congratulations to all the finishers of the Mapleton 8. There were 18 participants and 9 finishers. Most completed the distance of 40km for the first time, and in adverse Weather conditions.

The finishers were Marilyn Leblanc, Alison Fownes Caissie, Darlene MacMillan, Isabelle Melancon, M’hamed Belkhodja, Greg Doucet, Solange Richard-Trethewey, Leslie Grogan, Julian Screawn.

Darlene MacMillan finished in first with her performance enhancing dog Sadie in a time of 6hours and 30minutes. There were some great performances, especially those who struggled with blisters and body parts breaking down.

Thanks to Ralph Leblanc, Kevin Dunphy, and Karen Reynolds for volunteering.

Alison Fownes Caissie summed it up best, “It will be awhile before I step into this park again”

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