Some updates for members

There have been recent changes to the COVID Recovery Plan Levels. The following indicates the effect of these changes on our scheduling.

Orange Level

Under the Current Orange Level travel is permitted between zones with the same Level. This will permit events in the Sussex – Adair’s area. Otherwise there is no other change that affects our scheduling.

Yellow Level

Under the Current Yellow Level, when in effect, the following changes affect our scheduling:- Travel is permitted between Zones with the same Level- Carpooling is permitted subject to conditions
We will continue to follow the Operational Plan and events will continue to be restricted to Members Only.

Scheduling Meeting Cancelled

The Meeting scheduled for Wednesday March 10th has been cancelled. Next week, a group of event leaders will prepare a schedule for the months of April, May and June that will be posted on the MOE website. If any member has any suggestions for events they would like to lead or organize, or any event they would like added to the list please forward the information to Phil at

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