Upcoming 2021 Camping Trips

Annual MOE Camping and Hiking Trip – 2021

Mount Carleton Provincial Park. This event is scheduled from Saturday, August 28th to Sunday, September 5th. The events will include 5 hikes in the park plus 2 along sections of the Mi’gmaq Trail. Alternate hikes will be available for those who do not want to do the more strenuous hikes. The lakes within the park are great for kayaking or canoeing. More details will be provided, this is intended to give advance notice for participants to book accommodations. The main meeting area will be at the Park’s Armstrong Campground so that is the suggested camping location. The sites are starting to fill up so if you plan to attend you should book your site soon. If you wish, you may attend for all or part of the event. Please contact Phil at phil-hardy@hotmail.com if you have questions or to inform me if you plan to attend.

Canada Day Weekend Camping and Hiking at New River Beach

This event is scheduled to start the evening of Wednesday, June 30th and continue until mid-day on Sunday July 4th. The event will include hikes at Turtle Mountain, Split Rock/Black Beach and 5 Fathom Hole. There will also be optional hikes for those who may not want to do a more strenuous hike. On Friday there will be a day trip to Minister’s Island for a hike and tours of the Historical Location and a short hike up Chamcook Mountain. Further details will be provided.Campsites are still available but the campground is likely to fill up for the long weekend. If you are considering attending you should book your campsite before they are all gone. Most available sites are in Section A. Also please let me know if you are planning to attend. Contact Phil at phil-hardy@hotmail.com

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