Upcoming Hikes for Feb 13th, 14th and 15th.

February 13th, Saturday – Snowshoe the Black Horse Trail in Fundy National Park. Moderate 5km. Meet at the Petro Can Station, 506 Hillsborough Rd, Riverview at 10:00 am or Park Headquarters at 11:15 am. Contact Paul at 588-3034.

February 14th, Sunday – Snowshoe off Pine Glen road. Moderate 10 km. Meet at Petro Canada Riverview at 10:00 am. Contact Ted Harrison at 852-4962.

February 15th, Monday – What are you doing on Family Day? I am leading a hike at Broadleaf Ranch. It would be a snowshoeing event and rated as moderate, probably 7Kms total. It would start at the restaurant parking lot at Broadleaf and then snowshoe up to their lodge up on “the mountain” as they call it. We may have access to the lodge to eat our lunch if circumstances allow. It is a nice hike with scenic vistas. Meet at Petro-Can in Point Park at 10:00 or the restaurant at Broadleaf Farms at 10:45. I will not be at the Petro-Can and would be grateful if someone went there to meet the group who may be attending. Bring grippers as always, just in case. All COVID protocols in affect. Call Paul @ 588-3034.

  • All MOE events will be limited to members only during Orange Phase.
  • Masks must be worn when physical distancing of 2m cannot be maintained
  • No physical contact
  • Carpooling is not permitted except within your Family Bubble or Steady Ten.
  • COVID – 19 screening will be carried out by the Event Leader
  • Sign-up sheet must be completed by all participants and the sheet or copy of the sheet given to the Director of Events
  • The Event leader is responsible to ensure procedures are followed. Board members in attendance will assist.
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