Kick off the New Year with these hikes:

Jan 2, 2021 Saturday: There will be a change in the location of the hike this Saturday because of water levels at Adair’s. It will be in Westcock (near Sackville) and will start at St. Ann’s Anglican Church (all heathens still welcome). It will be rated as moderate, around 10 to 12 kms max. There will be a bit of road hiking, cemetery hiking, dyke hiking, forest hiking and gravel pit lookout hiking. Lunch on rocks situated on the Cumberland Basin. Meet time at 9:00 (to stay ahead of the weather) at the Irving next to Paul St. in Dieppe, secondary meeting place at MacDonalds in Sackville right off the highway at between 9:30 and 9:45. A close examination of the hourly weather for Sackville indicates very light snow (less than 1 cm. per hour) starting at 1:00. We should be done by 2:00 or so. Hope you can make it. Paul 588-3034

Jan 3, 2021 Sunday: Hike 11 to 13 kms easy to moderate Tantramar Outdoor Club Trails in Sackville hwy 2 eastbound exit 500 walker Road. Meet Irving Station 64 Champlain at 10 a.m. Hike leader : Yvon 856-6826

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