New Schedule is online…

The schedule can be found on the website under “Upcoming Events…”.

Here are a few important notes from the schedule… Especially the first one regard the meeting places.

*Two Main Meeting Places: Petro Canada Riverview 506 Hillsborough Rd Centennial Park (Rotary Lodge Lane) 801 St Georges Blvd by off leash park & pool

*Membership Apr 1/2020 to Mar 31/2021 Due to the uncertainty being experienced as a result of Covid 19, the Executive of Moncton Outdoor Enthusiasts! Inc. have agreed to waive membership fees for the current year. For those who have already renewed, membership will be extended to March 31, 2022 . New members that join this season will receive a membership card valid through March 31, 2022 Questions Contact membership chairperson Elizabeth at 383-1853

*Unless otherwise stated, always bring plenty of water and lunch to the hike

*Please Note: If attending an event with two meeting places and you opt to meet the group at the second meeting place, it is imperative you let the hike leader know so you can be informed of any last-minute changes

*Remember, the price of gas is high many members lease vehicles, mileage is important, people should take turns driving. Those without a vehicle or who do not wish to drive should contribute towards the price of the trip. Please refer to the “Car-Pool Chart” under MOE Documents on club website

*Park Pass: Many hikes occur at Provincial or National Parks that may require a park pass. The purchase of a Park Pass is the obligation of the individual

*Thank you to all members that are helping to keep the trails clean by picking up litter during our hikes. Your contribution is much appreciated!

*Dogs are allowed on most hikes, (not at dunes) but must be on a leash not more than 6’ long.

Have a great week…


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