Events for Saturday and Sunday June 27th and 28th….

SATURDAY JUNE 27th–Hike in FNP. We will start at Hueston Brook parking lot and hike to the Coppermine Trailhead (which is open) and do it and if we are allowed then on to Mile Brook and return about 13 Kms.
If we are not allowed to go on to Mile Brook (this is a contentious point at the time I write this) we will return from Coppermine and do the beach at Point Wolfe and back to the vehicles. This would be about 8 Kms.
Scenario No. 1 would be rated strenuous. Scenario 2 would be rated moderate.
Meet at Petro-Can at 10:00 or park Info centre at 11:15.
Call Paul @ 588-3034

Sunday JUNE 28th–Old reliable Dennis Beach to Waterside Beach return. Rated easy to moderate
Meet at Petro-Can at 10:00 or at Old Bank Museum at the corner in Riverside/Albert @ 10:45-10:55.
Call Paul @ 588-3034

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