Mapping with Google Earth

Raymond has a great idea for a workshop on Google Earth… if you are interested his contact information is in the membership list.  I use Google Earth and Google maps almost every day to navigate cities and trails… they are powerful tools.  

Google Earth – I’m wondering if anyone is interested in a basic workshop to create custom maps.

There would be many other discussion points. A GPS is not required to enhance your skills with maps. Optionally we could incorporate an Overlay from an image to develop Tracks and Waypoints that can be shareable via email or print. We could use a local trail as an example. If there is interest we could additionally import this map into a GPS software like Garmin’s Basecamp (Canadian Maps) and further fine tune it. Perhaps you have an old land survey map with obsolete ATS coordinates that you which to update or maybe you’re planning a new expedition. A Google Earth signon would be handy if you wish to continue saving your entries. We can help get you started from scratch. Sobeys – Vaughan Harvery has a meeting room and WiFi where we could get together for around an hour or more.

Have a great weekend…


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